Community Notice Board

The Calamvale Central Notice Board is available to showcase your local community events and activities.

Please contact the Centre Management team on 3193 9988 for more information.


Calamvale Central offers free wheelchair hire. To organise this service, visit the Centre Management Office, located near the lift in the underground car park.  Please bring photo ID.


Parents Room

A private Parents Room is available near Hanaromart.  For your convenience, there are two feeding rooms, microwave, child changing facilities and a family toilet.

Parents & Disabled Parking

Disabled and Parents with Prams parking are located near all entry points to the shopping centre.  To access the lift in centre, park in the underground car park, closest to Centre Management.

Seniors Discounts

Senior discount are available at certain stores throughout Calamvale Central. Please note retailer discounts are at the discretion of the store.

Heart Foundation Walking - Mall walking group

Join the Calamvale Central Heart Foundation Walking Group that meets three times a week in centre. You’ll make new friends and improve your heart health at the same time.

Please contact for more information.